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Faculty and Staff Parking Permits







                     PURCHASE STARTING August 1, 2018)



1)  Register through the Online Parking Permit Application, which is located at:  You will need your SF State ID (i.e., SFSU ID) and SF State Password to login.

2) Once you enter all your information, you will be directed to the payment page.  Follow the options provided and complete the payment.  Once payment is processed, you will be directed to a page that can be printed to serve as your record. The permit order will then be forwarded to the Parking Permit vendor, Weldon, Williams and Lick, who will send a confirmation email and a temporary parking permit that can be printed and displayed on vehicle.  The permanent permit will be mailed to the address provided within 48 hours.  These permits are not valid for use until August 20, 2018.



New Faculty and staff or first time permit holders who wish to purchase a semester or annual parking permit should have their department representative send the following information to

  • Employee Name
  • University Identification Number
  • Email Address



If you would like to sign up for payroll deduction, please go to the Parking and Transportation office.

Items to bring:

-SFSU ID for employment verification

-Blank check or credit card for payment of first month before payroll deduction becomes active

-Social Security Number to authorize payroll deduction

A permit will be mailed to you and you will be given a temporary permit for the day. Another temporary permit will be emailed to you for you to print out and use while awaiting your permit.  



Your permits are valid until 08/31/19, therefore no action is needed at this time.



Lot 19

  • Lot 19 yearly/semester permits are valid in Lot 19, 20, and 25.
  • Permit costs are based on bargaining units.

Lot 1,6,6A,19A

Lot 1, 6, 6A,19A are reserved lots and are limited. For further information email

**NEW PERMIT:  Lot 19A permit is available for a reserved space in Lot 19, Seven Hills Area.**

Lot 2

Lot 2 is for Lot 1 permit holder overflow and DMV placard holders with an SF State permit only. No year/semester permits issued. Loading permits can be issued at the Parking and Transportation Department.

Permit Costs

Faculty and staff permits are based on bargaining units. To find out bargaining unit, contact Human Resources at (415) 338-1872. For more information regarding prices call Parking at (415) 338-1441.

Lot 19

Lot 19 Permit Costs *Effective January 1, 2017
  Monthly Semester Annually
Faculty Unit
R03 (CFA)
$19.79 $89.06 $237.48

Staff Unit
R02,05,07,09 (CSUEU)

C99 (Confidential)

$20.36  $91.62 $244.32

Staff Unit
R01 (UAPD),04 (APC),06 (SETC)

08 (SUPA),10 (IUOE),E99 (Special Consultants)

$19.00    $85.50 $228.00
Staff Unit
M80 (MPP),98 (Executives)
$22.50  $101.25 $270.00


Lot 1,6,6A,19A

Lot 1,6,6A,19A Permit Costs
  Monthly Annually
Faculty Unit
R03 (CFA)
$46.19 554.48

Staff Unit
R02,05,07,09 (CSUEU)

C99 (Confidential)

$60.19 $722.28
Staff Unit

R01 (UAPD),04 (APC),06 (SETC)

08 (SUPA),10 (IUOE),E99 (Special Consultants)

$57.00 $684.00
Staff Unit
M80 (MPP),98 (Executives)
$65.00 $780.00



Parking & Transportation is a self-supported program. To support the increasing cost associated with operating and maintaining the parking facilities on campus, a proposal to increase parking fee was submitted for President Leslie Wong’s consideration and approval. This proposal covers a 5-year parking fee increase for employees who use the reserved and non-reserved parking lots on campus and is based on the current Collective Bargaining Agreements and UPD’s fee increase recommendation for the reserved lots.

The additional revenue generated by this fee increase will allow Parking & Transportation to provide the much-needed safety improvements on the 54 year old Lot 20 structure and continue to provide clean and safe parking for the campus community.  In addition, these funds support the cost of providing free services to our campus community including Shuttle service, Bike Barn, safety escorts in the mornings & evenings, free battery jumps and vehicle unlock services. 

As a result of this proposal, a parking fee increase was approved by President Wong which will take effect starting January 1, 2017; it is the first parking fee increase since Spring 2008.



Does the parking fee increase apply to everyone on campus?

Parking permit fees are only increasing for all campus employees (represented and non-represented) including auxiliary employees (contractors, Sodexo employees, etc.) and does not include students. (*Unit 3 will not have the increase at this time.)

What is the monthly parking fee increase for campus employees?

Lot 19 (non-reserved parking lot) - $1/month fee increase for all MPPs, Confidential, and represented employee permit holders.

Lots 1, 6, 6A, &19A (reserved parking lot) - $15/month fee increase for all MPPs, Confidential and represented employee permit holders.

Even with this scheduled fee increase, the average daily parking fee for non-reserved parking lot is $1.22 per day and less than $3 per day for reserved permit holders, which is still substantially lower than the $7 per day rate that students and the general public pay.

How much money will this raise?The proposed parking fee increases will generate an additional projected revenue of approximately $100,000 annually, based on the number of employees who purchased permits last fiscal year.

What have you done to lower costs?

Parking & Transportation has made every effort to reduce program costs.  To become more fiscally frugal, Parking & Transportation completed a staffing reorganization which allowed for annual salary and benefits savings of $120,000.

Have the number of staff increased, thus causing our rates to increase?

No, Parking & Transportation's staffing has not increased.  Parking fee rates need to increase to support the increased costs of operation, repair and maintenance of parking facilities.  The increase will also support the free Shuttle Program which currently runs 5 new, large capacity shuttle buses to accomodate the increased number of students, staff and faculty that use this service from Daly City Bart to campus.

What consultation took place with the collective bargaining units about this increase?

All necessary consultations were conducted prior to advancing this proposal, with no negative results, and notices will be issued as required by collective bargaining agreements. 

What is the monthly parking fee increase for auxiliary employees?

The parking fee increase for all auxiliary employees is $15 per month. 

What are the fees for each bargaining unit?

Please see permit costs breakdown listed below based on bargaining unit.

When will this fee increase be reflected on my paycheck?

The fee increase will take effect on January 1, 2017 and the pre-tax deduction will be reflected on the January 2017 paycheck.

What do I have to do?

Nothing, the State Controller’s Office will process the payroll deduction based on the employee’s bargaining unit.

Who should I contact if I need more information about this increase?

You may call the Parking and Transportation Department at (415) 338-1441 or email



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