Bike and Skateboard Safety Tips

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There is no skateboarding, skating or riding of scooters on campus grounds. Once on campus, riders should carry or walk with their equipment. 
Below are website listings for skate parks in and around the Bay Area:

Tips For Using A Skateboard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers the following suggestions for safe skate-boarding:

  • Never ride in the street.
  • Don’t take chances:
    • Complicated tricks require careful practice and a specially designed area
    • Only one person per skateboard
    • Never hitch a ride from a car, bus, truck, bicycle, etc.
  • Learning how to fall in case of an accident may help reduce your chances of being seriously injured.
    • If you are losing your balance, crouch down on the skateboard so that you will not have so far to fall.
    • In a fall, try to land on the fleshy parts of your body.
    • If you fall, try to roll rather than absorb the force with your arms.
    • Even though it may be difficult, during a fall try to relax your body, rather than stiffen.



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