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How do I allocate funds to Commuter Check?

  • Clipper E-Cash – Up to $300 per month can be loaded directly to your Clipper card for a $2 per month fee.
  • Commuter Check Card - Funds are added to a pre-paid credit card that you can use to purchase transit passes, individual tickets, or to load cash to your Clipper card. For example, if you are a BART rider primarily but want to have cash available on your Clipper card for occasional Muni or AC Transit use, you can use your credit card to auto-load high-value BART tickets and also load cash as needed to your Clipper card. The card has a maximum limit of $2,700 and supports auto loading of Clipper cards.

What if I need to change my order?

You can log into Commuter Check and add funds, change your order for next month, or pause or terminate your payroll deduction. Changes are effective the following month and must be made before your next order date.

What if I terminate employment?

If you terminate employment, you are no longer eligible for the Commuter Check program through SF State. For program information, to enroll in the program or make changes to your existing account, visit the Commuter Check Program online at or contact Commuter Check by phone at 888-235-9223. Contact the Parking & Transportation Department at 415-338-1441 with any questions regarding the benefit increase and payroll deduction information.


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