EV Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations(EVCS) 


 SFSU offers several charging options for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. As part of our commitment to offer secondary plug-in charging option, and in support of sustainability initiatives, we have partnered with ChargePoint to install EVCS on campus..

On-Campus EVCS Locations

  • Lot 20 Parking Garage:

     - West Side (Upper-Level Entrance) – Opening May 9, 2022

     - East Side (Lower-Level Entrance) – Projected completion – June 2022

  • Lot 19 Parking Lot:

     - Across Lot 20 Garage – Projected completion – June 2022

  • Lot 2 Parking Lot:

     - Corner of 19th Avenue & Holloway – Projected completion – December 2022

Setting Up Connections in the ChargePoint App

Before you can begin charging, campus members must first register with Parking & Transportation and be verified to receive the discounted campus pricing. Once verified, an email will be sent with a “connection” access code. University stations require campus members to establish a “connection” with ChargePoint to begin using the chargers. Follow the following instructions to connect for access to EV charging stations on campus:

  1. Sign up for ChargePoint or log in to your account in the app.
  2. To connect to SFSU as a campus member, open the main menu, then click “Account.”
  3. Click “Connections.”
  4. Enter the connection access code provided by Parking & Transportation then click “Apply”.
  5. Enter required information, accept terms and conditions, and click Submit Request.
  6. You will receive an email notification that your request was approved.
  7. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to start a charge and have visibility to university stations on campus in the ChargePoint mobile app.

SFSU EV Charging Station Regulations


  • A parking permit is needed at all times.  See Parking rates on Campus Parking Page.
  • EVCS parking spaces should only be used when charging a vehicle. Users should be considerate of the needs of fellow campus members and move their vehicle to another parking spot once their vehicle is fully charged. Sharing EVCS allows multiple users to charge their vehicles during the day. The university reserves the right to impose fees for idle time when hooked up to an EVCS.
  • Users are prohibited from manipulating EVCS in any way. Such actions will be subjected to fines, and/or suspension of charging privileges.
  • Hourly rate fees will be charged for use of the EVCS. The following rates will apply:

SF State Community: $1 per hour up to five hours, thereafter the user will be charged an additional $10 for the remainder of time charging. Maximum daily charge will not exceed $15.

General Public:  $1.50 per hour up to five hours, thereafter $10 per hour for the EV charge.  An additional $6.25 session fee will be charged to cover the required daily parking permit fee.

  • The university reserves the right to adjust fees and rates as necessary.

Users Responsibilities

  • All users will be required to register with ChargePoint to use the university EVCS. San Francisco State University does not assume liability of any damage to your vehicle resulting from the use of these stations nor for theft, fire or damage to any vehicle or any articles left therein. Use of the EVCS is at the vehicle owners’ risk and by using the charging stations, users hold the university harmless for any damages as a result of use of the EVCS.
  • Users must contact ChargePoint directly by calling 1-888-758-4389 for any customer support, refund requests, questions or issues associated with an EVCS.
  • Charging Stations are reserved for electric car parking only while charging.  Unplugged vehicles will be cited per section 21113(A) CVC.
  • SFSU parking permit is needed at all times. Vehicles will be cited per section 21113(A) CVC.
  • Please DO NOT back into parking spaces. Vehicles will be cited per section 21113(A) CVC.

University Rights

The Parking & Transportation Department has the right to restrict use; make changes to existing EVCS; and/or eliminate EVCS without notice.

Electric vehicle charging station stalls may be closed for special event parking, maintenance, and construction.




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