Take BART to the Daly City BART station and use the SF State shuttle to get to campus from the station.

Daly City BART Shuttles

  • SF State runs a free shuttle service to campus from the Daly City BART station during the fall and spring semesters only. Shuttle service will not run during weekends, summer, or campus observed holidays. For more information, please refer to the shuttle page.
  • As an alternative option to the free shuttle bus service to/from Daly City BART station, commuters may use Muni 28 and 58 routes. MUNI rides are free for students with OneCard/Gator Pass . For updates on the changes to Muni service lines, please visit: SFMTA website or SFMTA service changes page

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Free Roundtrip Transfer from Daly City BART to Muni Route 28, 28R, and 58!

BART riders are eligible for two free rides on the Muni route 28, 28R, and 58 when transferring from the Daly City BART station and paying your fare using Clipper Card. The first trip must be taken within 23 hours after exiting BART and the second within 24 hours after exiting BART for the free fares to apply. The free fares are stored automatically when you tap your Clipper card upon exit at the Daly City station. You must also tap your Clipper card upon boarding Muni for proof of payment. Even if you take the shuttle to campus after exiting Daly City BART, you can still use the free transfer on the 28, 28R, and 58 on the return trip from campus back to Daly City BART. If you do not have a Clipper card you can pick one up at the Information Desk in the Student Center. If you are charged for riding Muni route 28, 28R, and 58 to get to campus, email Clipper customer service and request a refund. Include a copy of your ride history, which you can download from the Clipper website.