Parking Services Requests

The Parking and Transportation Department can provide assistance for SF State Department's special events. Email with details of the event, what is needed, and the date of the event.  Parking will provide a price quote.  The Parking and Transportation Department needs at least 14 days' notice before the event.


Effective April 24, 2024


  • Campus Affiliated Events - $10 per space ($8 plus 25% city parking tax), per event, per day plus a set up/break down fee for parking spaces (cones/barricades)
  • Unaffiliated Campus Events - $16 per space, per event, per day, plus the 25% city parking tax and a set up/break down fee to reserve parking spaces (cones/barricades)
  • A two-week period is required for processing parking arrangements for an event. The event parking request should be emailed to 14 calendar days prior to your event date
  • Off-peak parking times when the most parking is available at SFSU are Fridays, weekends, holidays, and summer session
  • To avoid potential parking issues, off-peak times should be considered before scheduling large events
  • Event sponsors are responsible for informing all participants of parking location and costs, if any


  • A fee for reserving spaces is now required.  Fee will be determined by how many spaces are required.
  • For special event reserved spaces, signs will be needed for the event.  Departments can provide 8.5 by 11 (landscape) lamanated signs with Dept. name and Date, or the Parking Dept. can print the signs for a fee of $5 per sign. Signs must be delivered to Parking Department at least 48 hours before the event date. 
  • Spaces will be reserved with cones and or sandwich boards only.  The Department is responsible for the supervision of the spaces and the distribution of the parking permits or the Department can pay for Community Service Parking Officer staffing. If the Department chooses not to have staffing, the Parking Department is not responsible for unauthorized vehicles parking in the reserved spaces provided.
  • The reserved parking spaces will be released one hour after the event start time, unless prior arrangements have been made.



Event Signage Printing (24"x36" Sandwich Board) and Set Up:

Black & White $16 per sign
Color (Logo only) $19 per sign
Complete Color (Logo & Text) $21 per sign

Barricade & Cone Set up and Pick up Before and After Event:

Parking Space Reservations (Cones Used) price determined by space #   $41 per hour/ per CSS
Parking Space Reservations Barricades required (2 CSS's needed) $76 per hour

*Estimated time will be determined by amount of spaces

 Security Staffing Fees:

Community Service Specialist/ Parking Officers (Campus Community Only) $61/hr w/3-hr min/per CSS
Community Service Specialist/ Parking Officers (Outside Organizations Only) $77/hr w/3-hr min/per CSS
Sworn Officers (Campus Community Only)  $128/hr w/4-hr min/per Officer
Sworn Officers (Outside Organizations Only) $162/hr w/ 4-hr min/per Officer


Fees Effective August 1, 2023

Construction project fees for parking space usage for fenced-in parking lot areas: 

Duration less than a month:

    • Equipment storage: $8 per space per day.  
    • Vehicles parked in fenced-in areas: $10 per day. ($8 parking fee, $2 City tax)

Duration more than a month:

  • Equipment storage:  $22.50 per space per month.
  • Vehicles parked in fenced in areas:  $28.13 per month per space.  ($22.50 parking fee, $5.63 City tax)

Vehicles parked outside of fenced-in parking lot areas:

  • $10 per day.  ($8 parking fee, $2 City Tax) Vendors can pay at the pay stations or pre-pay at the Parking Office.
  • $83.13 per month ($66.50 parking, $16.63 City Tax)  For this rate, vendors will need to come to the Parking Office and pay for each month or the full duration of the project.

Inner Campus Permit issued by Capital Planning/Facilities:

  • Are only valid for Inner Campus Projects and can't be used in any parking lots.  Inner Campus permits displayed in parking lots will be cited per VC 21113A.

Parking and UPD Visitor Spaces:

  • These spaces are only for the use for the Parking Department and UPD visitors.  All other vehicles will be cited per VC 21113A.