SF State Biking ICON

SF State encourages biking as a commute option. SF State was named a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists in 2016. For the safety of all members of the SF State community, the core of campus is designated as a pedestrian only zone. Please see the SF State Bike Parking Map for designated on-campus bike routes. Riding your bike in prohibited areas may result in a citation.

Bike Cage

Indoor bike parking. Users must register to gain access. Learn more >>

Bike & Scooter Parking

Bicycles and scooters may only be parked at bike racks. Learn more about bike parking on campus >>

Bike & Scooter Routes

Learn about bike routes to campus and those areas of campus where biking is encouraged or prohibited. Learn more about Bike Routes >>

Power to the Pedal 

Learn about bicycle events, free repair sessions, and how to get involved in SF State's bicycle community>>

Bike and Skateboard Safety Tips

Get tips on how to safely ride your bike or skateboard. Learn more about Bike and Skateboard Safety tips>>


Bicycle Friendly University



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